Gaba a Neurotransmitter, Brain ability Enhancer & What else?

GABA is famous as the important neurotransmitter which mediates between your nervous system and brain.

It is in the limelight of neuroscientists. This ensures regulated communication. This thing takes place either by fully inhibiting or reducing nerve cells’ hyperactivity. GABA has a significant impact on the behavior, feelings, and thinking of human beings.

However, it is important to consider that what is clearly comprehensible by the scientists, it cannot be clearly obvious to the laymen.

When we need to look after mind-altering substances, like brain enhancers, nootropics, or smart drugs, two main areas of interest are what are they actually, and are they really workable or not?

In its understanding, we cannot simply ignore or avoid the scientific terms, so get ready to come across new as well as very difficult terms that are impossible to read. The article will shed light on whatever a customer needs to know about GABA as a natural acid or as a supplement.

You must know that the effects of GABA are part of research work and studies thoroughly for years.

Still, the potential benefits of this product as the supplement talked about, yet need to be talked about, discussed, and researched.

The review done ahead is very much based on the scientific facts, users’ recommendations, and community comments are also used. The articles comprise of subjective experiences and objective studies.

What exactly is GABA?

Gamma-aminobutyric acid is the full form of GABA. It is the neurotransmitter that is responsible for blocking the impulses between the nerve cells present in the brain.


Its regulatory function is present for either inhibiting or reducing the interaction in the brain cells. [1]

If you want to understand the effects of GABA, you must know what will happen when it is absent.

When the GABA neurotransmitter is absent, there will be an absence of regulation even between the nervous system and the brain cells, which will adversely affect their communication.

Within no time, the impulses crowd the communication path too much while information overwhelms the brain receptors.

This is exactly the same scenario when the over thinking of the brain starts. After a short while, it comes with insomnia, anxiety, and fear.

In some situations, it may lead to panic attacks, depression, and in worst cases, severe mental conditions like schizophrenia are noticeable too.

GABA as a Supplement

When GABA is present in the routine as a supplement, it should have the capability of increasing the levels of GABA neurotransmitters, naturally, as well as maintain and keep its balance.

It is because the supplement is taken in the cases of deficiency of GABA transmitters, naturally. It will result in physiological havoc. It is very much expected that it is efficient and effective enough to treat depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

The question arises about its effectiveness and efficiency that it is really capable of doing it or not.

This discussion is possible under scientific discussions. It comes highlighted by a few studies that even when the GABA supplement is passed through the blood-brain barrier, there can be a problem regarding this supplement.

If this blood-brain barrier is really impassable, this shed light on the underlying issue that the real things cannot be replaced by these supplements. [2]

It is also worthy to notice that these GABA supplements were long before marketed as a possible and worthwhile solution. Doctors find it feasible to treat anxiety disorders and insomnia with the help of drugs such as eszopiclone (Lunesta), diazepam (Valium), zolpidem (Ambien), and lorazepam (Ativan).

The fact which is an important support for the effectiveness of GABA neurotransmitters is that a lot of medications given on prescriptions are able to pass through the blood-brain barriers successfully.

This is exactly the same mimic as the impacts of GABA. This gives support in favor of GABA neurotransmitters supplements, which have the capability to work in the same manner without any issues or problems.


Everything turns out to be in balance in the presence of GABA.

The nerves may turn to be over excited if the levels of GABA neurotransmitters are naturally low. After a really short while, the person is hit by anxiety and fear.

This will ultimately cause a lot of various and different mood disorders. Schizophrenia, panic attacks recur, and depression is the common problems that one may face.

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There are numerous benefits related to the intake of GABA. The conditions’ symptoms are either at least alleviated or eliminated by them. The compensation is done for the lost natural neurotransmitters with the intake of GABA as the supplement. [3]

This reduces neural activity as well as prevents their overexcitement. So let us have a look at the main boons of GABA:

1) Anxiety

According to numerous studies, a strong link has been found between anxiety disorders and GABA’s low levels. Few of the studies were conducted notably by Surgeon’s Department of Psychiatry, the Columbia University College of Physicians, and the American Journal of Psychiatry.

These were associated with decreased GABA levels and panic disorders as well. On the other hand, the findings of these researches supported the fact that the supplementation of GABA can be effective enough to cut off the symptoms of both issues.

2) Sleep Improvement

You will not be surprised to know that the nerve excitability can increase depending on the quality of sleep. This has been confirmed by the results of the study conducted in 2008 and published in the Sleep journal.

The patients of insomnia were compared to the patients who were controlled. Scientists came to know that the GABA level of these patients was lower by 30% than usual.

But the question may pop up in your mind that is the GABA supplements helpful in this regard? There is a resounding yes in the answer, according to another study of 2015.

The study gave the conclusion that these calming supplements are effective in shortening the time required for falling asleep. They may act like potent nerve sedatives when consumed in proper quantity.

3) Depression

It has been shown by some studies that insomnia may result in lower levels of GABA in such patients. Moreover, it has been revealed by some studies that the treatments of antidepressants may increase their levels. This sheds light on the relationship between depression and neurotransmitters that can be controlled and is real.

These supplements tend to be very powerful in winning the on-going battle against depression if they can pass through the blood-brain barrier effectively. Whether gamma-aminobutyric acid is taken alone or with any other ingredient, it has great and impressive progress in the majority of patients who are suffering the issue of depression.

4) PMS Symptoms

You might be thinking that is there anything that remains unaffected by PMS. The matters may get worse from bad, as the premenstrual symptoms become more and more deteriorating with the passage of passing the time.

The scientist concluded in a study in 2002 about the intense imbalance of hormones. It may disrupt the GABA levels too. This will be the beginning of the abrupt decline.

The important part is that we are directly led to a cure with this notion. When PMS symptoms and GABA levels go low simultaneously, then the worst symptoms will be alleviated because of resolving its deficiency.

Moreover, painful PMS can be successfully treated through the regular intake of GABA supplements.

5) Inflammations

According to the study published in the Journal of Neuroinflammation in 2008, the role of gamma-aminobutyric acid was demonstrated in the chronic inflammation development in rheumatoid arthritis.

The authors have strongly believed that GABA is an effective and successful treatment for both of the conditions.

6) Improved Focus in ADHD

Reduced GABA levels are linked scientifically to another condition, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

It is the same for increased impulsivity and lowered inhibition. These are common symptoms of ADHD. Intake of GABA supplements will help in the tackling of all such conditions.

7) Hormone Level Growth

As far if the treatment of arthritis, relief from PMS and ADHD, were insufficient to attract and impress you, then new studies indicated that GABA can be a lifesaver for the human growth hormone deficiency (GHD) patients. This diagnosis may lead to poorer quality of life in children and adults both.


The GABA supplements are surrounded by a whole controversy, which is based on one thing that is the blood-brain barrier permeability.

GABA, the neurotransmitter, acts as the primary inhibitor. It is responsible for calming down the mind and putting down brakes on the brain activities whenever required. The nervous system and brain both can easily be stressed out and over stimulated when these transmitters’ levels slow down greatly.

Are you still wondering why this does happen in some conditions and fails to happen in others? Scientists provide numerous explanations, as always.

The GABA supplement is really big on the molecular levels to pass through the barrier of blood-brain and, finally, entering the brain.

Despite the limitations of GABA, when such happens in some cases, experts believe of leaky and compromised barrier enough, which allows for the molecules to pass through.

The study of 2015, which studies the impact of GABA on behavior and brain, suggested that small quantities of GABA are actually allowed to squeeze through as well as enter in by some parts of the brain.

The authors, so the same research, surprisingly, suspect the no need for entry of GABA in the brain at all. It has the binding receptors not only located here but all across the nervous system peripherally.

The GABA has no issue in reaching them. The study, known as GABA-receptors in the peripheral tissues, revealed this vital and great fact in 1990.

Though all the findings and similar results surely work in support of this supplement, if you want to find out the effectiveness and the extent to which it is beneficial for you, you need to try it out!

One consumer told about its effectiveness that it worked great for him. Whereas the other one denied its effectiveness to be very insignificant in relieving the stress or chronic pain caused due to it.

Another review of the customer claimed the effectiveness of GABA in suppressing his anxiety and regaining vitality. It was less effective in some aspects like lack of sleep.

So, you must try it out to see what it is actually all about.

One habitual over-thinker claimed about the amazement and effectiveness of the calming and gentle effect of GABA, the neurotransmitter.

She was helped in structuring her thoughts as well as look upon the things the way they are in reality. This was the beginning of the ending of panic attacks and anxiety issues.

The supplement helped her in sleeping properly and in a better manner. She was able to wake up fresh and ready for the new challenges, particularly intellectual.


As discussed in the article, GABA supplements are used for a number of reasons. You may found clear instructions as well as dosages everywhere, as the majority of the consumers are taking them for relieving or eliminating the symptoms of ADHD, stress, and anxiety.

Every condition has the treatment established after the consultation with the doctor. However, the common conditions can be treated according to the following recommended dosages.

Though these instructions are shared and accessed online, it is better to consult your doctors.

The effects may not only definitely vary according to your weight, sex, and age but also according to the state of your disease, immunity levels, and your overall health.

If you are willing for GABA to show its effectiveness and working, you should simply use it very responsibly.

  • Stress Relief: Stress can be mitigated by the recommended dosage of 750-800 mg each day. It must be divided and taken in 3-4 dosages.
  • Anxiety: It must be taken 250-650 mg thrice every day if you are feeling panicky or anxious.
  • ADHD: GABA must not be taken more than 250-400 mg thrice times in a day if the person is suffering from ADHD.


The tingling effects and sensation can be felt in the feet, hands, or both with the regular intake of GABA supplements, and when it starts, it’s working. Numbness is also reported by some consumers in these parts besides skin flushing and breathes shortness. [4]

If these supplements are consumed excessively or misused, GABA may be responsible for increasing anxiety and causing longer and more intense episodes of depression.

When GABA is consumed for relieving stress, it acts as the tranquilizer, and the user is made very sleepy. Though it is a perfect signal to notice the working of this supplement, it may still be dangerous for the people who operate or drive heavy machines. The same impact can be difficult in intellectual and difficult tasks, study, or work.

You must keep in mind about its interactions and restrictions.

Although the GABA supplements are good enough for treating depression potently, it should not get mixed up with the gabapentin, Depakote, and further other drugs for the depression at manic levels. It is good enough to steer clear from unipolar or bipolar depressive disorders if you are diagnosed with any of them.

Doctors even don’t recommend the interaction of it to be taken with the medications of high blood pressure as GABA lowers down the blood pressure greatly. Moreover, pregnant or lactating mothers must also not take these supplements.

More researches need to be concluded to study the impact of it on pregnant ladies or its effect on the children as well as people suffering from kidney or liver diseases.


GABA is available in different forms and is available in multiple and various sources. There is good news if your body is feeling blue or low, and your body needs peace, then you can have the GABA supplements.

Look for the original ones that work in a similar manner or just eat some sweet and good apples.

GABA supplements are easy to be bought from pharmacies, online sites, or health shops. You are free to choose between powder and capsule form but make this clear in your mind to have a thorough research before deciding for it.

Read the reviews of other consumers, talk to its users, and select for the most authentic and reliable supplier.

If you find the supplements to be ineffective in your condition, consider to replace it with vitamin B6, magnesium, or valerian root.

The GABA activity is increased effectively by three of these in the brain. The same health benefits are provided, like the GABA supplements would have delivered.

Alternatively, more vegetables, legumes, fruits, and grains must be eaten.

GABA occurs naturally in broccoli, chestnuts, kale, brown rice, beans, oatmeal, and apples, so enrich your diet with it. The neurotransmission and brain activity will have positive effects on it.


The GABA supplements will remain to be a controversial topic until the scientists complete the researches.

When its benefits are studied, the lack of official research works will not cut down the needs of the people who are dependent on its usage.

It is a bit shocking to see all this as GABA has the potential for ending up the long-lasting struggles of insomnia, anxiety, and depression as well as severe scenarios of GHD, PMS, arthritis, and ADHD.